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The following is a listing of my  experience in the cultural fields. Each of these roles was unique and they all contributed to both my personal and professional development. If you’d like references or additional information for anything listed below, please get in touch.

Santas little helper

Christmas season 2016/2017 and 2017/2018

Preparations for the Christmas season programmes, guiding of and entertaining customer groups, maintenance of safari equipment and clothes and handling of other program services. Basically "elfing around"!

Chauffeur: Helsinki Fashion Week

July 2017

Driving VIP guests and assisting before and during the fashion shows at Helsinki Fashion Week

Actor: Morkkis net series


Main character in a short net series

Arctic Fashion Show

February 2016

Participated with my BA collection Mutabu

Project manager: Winter Dreams

September 2015 - May 2016

Project manager and coordinator of the student exhibition project Talviunessa - Winter Dreams. I managed the workgroup, planned timetables and managed the flow of the project

Assistant at Music video shoot


LCMDF: Paranoia

Shimmer fashion show

February 2012

Main producer and executor of a small scale fashion show. Also participated with the 12-outfit collection Elementary

Grape Festival

August 2010

Production, organisation and execution of small scale music and culture festival with 200 participants



2014, 2016, Art collective Kalto spring exhibition (group exhibition.)

2016, TEVA 20 exhibition  (group exhibition.)

Positions of trust


Student Tutor, University of Lapland 2013.

Board Member of art students’ subject association TAO, University of Lapland 2013 - 2014.

Tutor Trainer, University of Lapland 2014.

Member of the Art and Design curriculum committee of the University of Lapland 2014.

Member of the students’ union parliament of the University of Lapland 2013-2015.

Member of selection committee for the Professorate of Fashion and Clothing Design at the University of Lapland 2016.

Board Member for the publication Astra 2017–2019




Swedish (native)

Finnish (native)

English (fluent)

French (beginner)


Adobe Illustrator
Adobe InDesign
Adobe Photoshop

Lectra Modaris

Lectra Kaledo Style

"Never seize to see things with new eyes, for opportunity lurks in every corner."

Who is this magical person?

I am a multidisciplinary creative with a Bachelors degree in Art. I have been passionate about creating beautifully functional things and bringing aesthetic and multi-sensory landscapes to life for all my life. I studied Clothing and Fashion Design at the University of Lapland and graduated as Bachelor of Arts in the end of 2016. My study path has focused on Clothing Design with specialty in the unique climate conditions of the Arctic area combined with inspiration from my multicultural roots. I also studied Global Education. My creative experience includes cultural engagement on a large spectrum, from arranging festivals, free art, designing made-to-measure orders, being in charge of costume at theatres, acting in short films and TV and much more. The immense world of fashion has stayed dear throughout, which makes me a multi-talented and multidimensional designer.

I grew up in a village in Kirkkonummi, a decent sized town near the Capital of Finland.  I am proud of my Swedish language heritage and equally proud of my Ghanaian roots, which give me a spectrum and a context to create and exist in.

I am a person of human values. I appreciate kindness, vulnerability, equality, justice and lively energy. I live on optimism, not the owerflowingly naïve kind, but the kind that acknowledges, cheers on and develops exciting innovations in fashion and design, to make the industry a more sustainable, a more ethical and an easier spectrum to work in. I am that warm and cheery type who you want on your team because they are fun but also trustworthy and driven.

I deeply believe that diversity in fashion, bio-mimicry in fashion, services in fashion and feminist fashion are directions worth exploring. I am excited to explore new fashion ecologies and to be part of the development of a circular economy.

Most of all I am just awesome, so don't hesitate to get in touch!