©2018 Mirjam Yeboah


GENI is a collection of vulva shaped jewelry. Vulvas are inspiring and important and that is why I want to share them in my art. I also want to emphasize sustainable and equality driven ideas for the future. GENI is also a collaborative project between young creatives, as I have worked with my fellow designers and to create an inclusive design strategy. The focus is on my handmade bespoke pieces and on small scale "slow design". Geni is an ongoing project that can grow and shift organically.

If you would like to buy some GENI, please send me an e-mail or contact me by social media. Pictures of current 40 pieces are available upon request.

project e-mail: genibymirjam@gmail.com

some: #geni #genitewelry

Visual identity: Minn Tausta

Photography: Mikko Roininen

geni packaging