©2018 Mirjam Yeboah


Näytä minulle kasvosi, virtaavan veden uumenissa

Näytä minulle tunturin lait, anna mieleni kurottaa

Näytä minulle viima, kuin äkillinen naurahdus

Ja anna minun levätä ja olla tavoittamattomissa

Tammukka is a design for a functional outfit for fly fishing and hiking or trekking. It works as the outermost shell in layered clothing on summery hikes in fell landscapes. The charm of hiking and fly fishing is that they enable interaction with nature and beautiful scenery. They also demand adaptation to challenging conditions as well as patience. Hiking is a holistic experience where in which clothing is an important part. Good equipment will go far and make it easy to enjoy nature. In addition to strengthening the body, hiking in good clothes also has a significant impact on your mood and gives you inner peace. Trekking in fell landscapes and fishing in rivers require light equipment and functional clothes. Mobility, endurance, physiologic performance, soundlessness and aesthetics are prerequisites for successful fell trek apparel.

The design of the Tammukka outfit was accomplished through user-oriented methods and the needs of the user were researched through e.g. user surveys and participatory observation. To maximize the responsibility, sustainability and benefit of the Tammukka outfit, I strived to make energy-efficient, nontoxic and recyclable choices in materials and details. The outfit and the print were designed as a student work for the Functional clothing course at the University of Lapland in 2015.

TAMMUKKA collaasi2.jpg