©2018 Mirjam Yeboah


Mutabu is a unisex clothing collection that interprets the given theme Arctic Carnival through physical, psychological and societal mutations by molding them into artistic clothing compositions. A power struggle between natural and unnatural is strongly visible, as is the balance between grotesque and beautiful. The Arctic elements of Mutabu bring light in eternal darkness and life where nothing survives.

The collection is built on an exploration of materials and the combination of technology and clothing. I have used both so called "high-tech" and "low tech" solutions in the collection. This is visible on one hand in the embedded LED-tech and on the other hand in the use of bio-materials such as cultured bacterial cellulose (see project "Bio Textile"). I have also put effort in sourcing pre- and post-consumer waste materials for the production. 

I designed and manufactured the collection for the annual Arctic Fashion Show 2016 in Rovaniemi. Mutabu then became a part of my Bachelor's thesis at the university of Lapland. In my thesis I focused on the design process used for Mutabu and I viewed it as a model for soft systems theory.

The collection consists of: Jäkälä coat, Tabu leggins, Kasvain shirt, Mutoid jacket, Kuura wrap skirt, Avanto blouse and Huurre wrap slacks. These names connect to the Arctic and to carnivalistic tabus. Mutabu is a unique take on Arctic design.

Lookbook layout and photography by Mikko Roininen